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Who does all this? Who knows... I have my own ideas & philosophies, which I'll eventually get around to putting up. This is here for now just to say that I am me, he is you, we are all painting, I have the brush

This is who I was for a long time, too long, I'd say...

Sci-Fi Self-Portait

Just another face.. a chameleon, always flowing with the tides, not having 2 feet to stand on. Always an image of what others wanted me to be. But now, "I've seen blue skies through the tears in my eyes, and I realize.. I'm going home" (Richard O'Brien) "Insecurity, it once was you, it's always me, I saw you in my book, a manual of how to look"(Leitch/Nesmith) "When he's not on the street, he pays for the heat, he's just a jeep boy searching for a tank girl"(Leitch/Nesmith/Mogg)

That is to say, I have held no true identity, a poor boy from Status Symbol Land, trapped by the 'society' he finds false, in a cage with no bars. Johnny Chrome & Silver... Trying to get the silver spoon out of his mouth before he chokes. I have lots of different views, many of them I can't get into right now, 'cause I don't know where to start. Oh well... I'll try this:

What is an artist? "An artist stamps a human signature on the face of the universe" - Andre Malraux Well.... an artist is anyone who has something to say. Hopefully we all do something with our lives, as John Keating said: "The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be, lads?" We're all here for something so why not speak our minds?

These are some quotes that I live with (& for) every day...

"'Normal' is what everyone else is, and you are not" - Dr. Tolian Soran

"Writers are engineers of the soul" - Josef Stalin

"You could never be an artist... you have no beard!" - Michael Bell

"Sculpture is a drawing that you trip over in the dark" - Al Hirschfeld

"There is no real life for a man who works twelve hours a day without knowing why he works" - Andre Malraux

"The gallys make the gally slave" - Orson Welles

"Why is it that whatever we don't understand is always called a 'thing'?" - Leonard McCoy

"You must unlearn what you have learned" - Yoda

"I've never heard of sex being associated with breakfast cereal" - Lowell Bodger

"If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? .. My nipples explode with delight!!" - Hungarian/English Dictionary

"It ain't how many times ya get knocked down, it's how many times ya can get up" - Bobby Heenan

A more accurate portrait, more abstractly... who I admire, what I identify with, hopefully who I am, who I want to be... but there's still more to be told. Go ahead, click something to explore.

best friends

My dog, Frankie, and cat, Marmalade ... the only ones who care

this tux makes me look fat

Jeannie & I: Snr. Prom 6/95

And, of course, I DO have an existance outside of the Web, although sometimes I don't feel like I do.. anyhow, I've got a few friends, and some of them can be found on their respective homepages (it IS easier this way). There's also some links to pages that I just happen to like a bunch .. click here to find them!

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